We can digitally collect body output data and enhance study innovation, performance, reliability and coordination. Digital is a core area of our activity, and allows us to easily manage several tasks in a research programme, such as:

  • Patient recruitment;
  • Real life and remote evaluation;
  • Communication with stakeholder;
  • Data capture improvement;
  • Study management and monitoring;
  • Treatment compliance monitoring;
  • Compliance with privacy policies;
  • Safety and quality data improvement.

SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES has developed the expertise to improve the IT system and EDC by adopting a dedicated software for clinical trial data collection and management. These systems deliver high quality output in industry standard formats and are easy to use because of their user-friendly features.
We provide storage space individually to users on cloud, wherein the user can keep their project-specific database, allowing for direct online access. Having interactive access to a project-specific database gives the user access to on-screen generation of various status and exception reports, designed according to his specific requirements.

Read about our Interactive Response Technology System to collect and manage data from anywhere.