SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES is a dedicated contract research organisation that belongs to the Sprim Health Group – www.sprim.com. It provides integrated solutions for the health industry.
On a daily basis, we are committed to turning “Big Data” into scientific evidence to ensure strategic added-value for business with a multidisciplinary team of over 500 specialised professionals, a laboratory and site network and a totally digital approach.

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Evidence Generation Global partner

The health services and products industry’s growing need for assistance to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace and to ensure the successful launch of a product on the market has become increasingly evident. New studies are required to meet scientific standards, such as study design, operative issues, data analysis and quality assurance in order to be useful for partner companies.


For over a decade, SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES has partnered market leaders and technology innovators in the life sciences sector, including consumer health products, functional foods and ingredients, dietary supplements, cosmetics, medical devices, OTC and pharmaceuticals.


We know how to move from science to benefit, from benefit to a claim and from a claim to successful brand marketing. We do this by defining the most appropriate combination of science, creativity and technology. Sustainable science takes considerable time, effort, and commitment to develop into something of genuine value, and this is an essential goal for research.

“We observe and interact with people for better health.
We measure, record and analyze people body data’s and health dynamics to deliver valuable and trusted research outcomes and real world evidence.”

The volume of sources of available data, such as clinical, genomic, socioeconomic and subjective data, is growing. This is called “Big Data.” A new era of healthcare innovation could be launched by merging scientific evidence generated by pre-clinical and clinical trials with multiple sources of patient and consumer data generated by the Real World Evidence assessment.


With this two-pronged approach, we can enrich traditional clinical data with subjective information, yielding a better picture of people characteristics and informing a more tailored and personalised healthcare decision and product.

To achieve this goal SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES have developed a unique and innovative research approach, based on two research platforms:

  • the real world platform, to analyse and report consumer, healthcare professional information and Big Data from the real world;
  • the interventional platform, dedicated to safety and efficacy interventional clinical and preclinical studies.

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