SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES believes in improving health and the scientific evidence generated from observing people and interacting with them. “People” and “Research” are the keywords that guide our work. We observe and interact with people, listen to their needs, then design research services to collect the information and improve our understanding of the healthcare landscape.


We produce scientific evidence, tangible solutions and trusted results in the fields of disease prevention, quality of life improvement and therapy support. In today’s world, consumers are well-informed about healthy product risks and benefits. Our activity provides strong experimental evidence to establish causal relationships between products and health benefits or disease risk.


Product innovation is a core of business for our customers. We can offer services that support your product research and development. By applying our three-dimensional approach, we can evaluate and improve different aspects of your products’ appeal, meeting your needs and those of your consumers.


We add value to your products applying the “Sprim ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES product 3D approach”:

  • “Inside the product”: a vision of the product related to the composition, with particular focus on the active ingredients and ingredients that form the product;
  • “Around the product”: an innovative product vision for concerns around the dosages and the packaging;
  • “Beyond the product”: a vision of the landscape in which the product is being released, considering factors such as innovation, consumer behaviours and the current economic and business environment.


Consumers would like to be made completely aware of the beneficial health effects of products that are claiming functional properties. Hence, supporting studies must be well-designed to enhance the quality of the data they provide.


We turn consumers and customer’s trends into reality… with the best methodological approach.

“Our consumer centric approach is supported by two research platforms: we design and implement protocols for real world & clinical research, to collect insights, to understand health dynamics, to build science and to support claims”

Consumer benefit: our focus and shared vision

Healthy product

Today, more than ever, it is important to give due importance to consumer demands and anticipate their needs. SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES is your dedicated partner for understanding consumer dynamics and implementing the most appropriate engagement strategy.

We evaluate health and wellness from a regulatory perspective, but we study consumer trends in particular. We look for trends that might have some impact on our customer’s key decision-making process; we do this by facilitating brand re-positioning, brand awareness and brand reputability. Finding out precisely what consumers think about a product, the most crucial question, is prioritised.

This has been defined as the starting point to increase the health value of a product, merging evidence of consumer satisfaction with scientifically proven health-related properties.

We have always relied on receiving consumer insights. Our method is the creation of a stratified, multi-step approach, which allows us to deep dive the key values of a product in the eyes of the customers and ascertaining what really matters to them.

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