Thanks to our experience in both the research arena and strategic partnerships, we are able to develop qualitative and flexible research solutions, in compliance with your project timelines and milestones. In order to satisfy your needs, we have developed a thorough research process and assembled an experienced multi-disciplinary team that you can rely on to achieve your research objectives.
Read more about the quality of design behind our smart research project design research process and monitor analysis critical control point (MACCP) services.
Discover the quality behind our research process.

Smart research project design

We have an international structure, composed of a dedicated team with expertise in the fields of marketing, biometrics, quality & regulatory affairs and medical writing, to ensure that we have the right combination of scientific and marketing capabilities.

Moreover, we receive external support from key opinion leaders, selected sites and trusted partners to ensure that we efficiently collect the necessary information to provide feasibility advice on research projects.

The team contains:

  • Clinical expert team (clinical operation directors, clinical project manager, clinical monitor/CRA, clinical trial start up specialist, sites engagement experts);
  • Market expert team (economic and marketing expert);
  • Strategic recruitment expert team (volunteers recruitment experts);
  • Data scientists team (data managers, data entry specialist, biostatisticians);
  • Medical expert team (medical advisors, medical writers);
  • Regulatory experts team (regulatory affairs managers, safety specialists);
  • Quality experts team (quality assurance managers, quality audit managers).

A tangible quality ISO:9001 certified: our research programmes are compliant with guidelines and standards, such as: International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) approach.

“We believe in delivering effective, tangible and innovative solutions, that can inform the strategies of health brands and products worldwide. We achieve this by utilising our network of research centeres, dedicated resources and digitally-enabled capabilities”

Monitor analysis critical control point (MACCP)

The MACCP is a unique model we use to improve data collection, data control and management. This synchronised process allows us to drive research programme development and optimisation, improving data quality and boosting research outcomes.

The MACCP process allows us to analyse data during the research project implementation steps – a critical point in the development stage that could affect the data collection process. We offer tailor-made solutions based on study design, study endpoint and data collection methods.

We realise a strategic plan to monitor the main critical points in real time:

  • Primary and secondary endpoints;
  • Research document filling;
  • Select inclusion/exclusion criteria variables;
  • E-diaries and e-questionnaire check;
  • Treatment compliance;
  • Other study-specific variables.

Following this critical analysis, we can continuously control this strategic point and, indirectly, control all of the research process. Thanks to our advanced technology and specialised staff, we can supervise the entire research process, monitoring the quality and cost effectiveness of our data collection.