Cosmetic study

Beauty care is becoming an increasing consumer need. SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES can support this challenge with full access to cutting-edge technologies. We offer our expertise on a wide range of dermatological function formulation tests to yield a high quality, effective and customised cosmetic product.

We follow your research and development process step-by-step, offering a full range of services in the field of consumer and sensitive tests. We also provide clinical and pre-clinical research solutions to assess the safety and efficacy of a cosmetic formulation. Highly relevant to the cosmetics and cosmeceutical industry, SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES has special expertise in:

  • Sensory and consumer test design;
  • Consumer, cosmetics expert and healthcare professional identification and opinion collection;
  • Raw materials and finished products quality and safety assessment;
  • Substantiating existing product performance or discovering new properties;
  • Innovative in silico efficacy test implementation;
  • Health or performance claims validation;
  • Regulatory support: mandatory registration, cosmetic PIF preparation, labelling regulatory compliance.

We carry out dermatological tests designed to ascertain the degree of skin health benefit and risk with cosmetic use:

  • Patch tests: can be used to identify of the possibility of irritation or dermatitis caused by the topical application of the finished product, or a specific ingredient within the product formulation. We conduct several tests in this dermatological area:
    • Standard patch test;
    • Photo patch test;
    • Repeated patch test;
    • Tape-stripping patch test;
    • Scarification test.
  • Skin care: these tests are used to assess the performance of a cosmetic product. With our access to international experts and innovative technological equipment, we are able to support your business in these test areas:
    • A complete range of test performed in skin care, hair care and oral care application;
    • Documentation of skin roughness;
    • Skin roughness assessment;
    • Colorimetry;
    • Skin elasticity assessment;
    • Sebometry;
    • Corneometry;
    • pH value determination;
    • 3D FaceScan;
    • confocal and multiphoton microscopy evaluation;
    • TEWL assessment;
    • Visia ™;
    • Desquamation Tests;
    • ELISA test.

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Skin care

  • Skin biophysics
  • Skin colour-optics evaluation
  • Skin texture-hydratation-barrier status
  • Skin ageing evaluation
  • Skin irritation patch tests
  • Skin moisturization
  • Skin lightening

Hair care

  • Hair anti-dandruff
  • Hair scalp barrier evaluation
  • Hair loss evaluation

Oral care

  • Oral active agent clereance
  • Oral behaviour change
  • Oral in situ abrasion
  • Oral caries/gingivitis evaluation
  • Oral maloudor
  • Plaque collection
  • Tooth whiteness
  • Toothbrush