Nutrition study

Food / novel food / food ingredient

Nutrition is a key are of consumer focus, since people have become more careful and informed about the relationship between food consumption and health.

SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES can offer a range of services underpinned by a dedicated network of expertise in health, nutrition and the food sector. These services include:

  • Sensory tests, perception tests, acceptability and usability tests;
  • Consumer trends assessment and market research;
  • Epidemiological and observational studies;
  • Dietary intervention assessment;
  • Product research and development support;
  • Quality and safety evaluation of raw materials and finished products;
  • Clinical trial planning to evaluate the efficacy of products/active ingredients;
  • Functional food effect evaluation for specific health areas;
  • Technical, scientific and regulatory support for health claim validation, authorities submission and approval.

Food supplement

The food supplements market is constantly changing, driven by specific nutritional or functional food needs. Knowledge of consumer habits in this area is the first step needed to direct a production strategy, in addition to safety and efficacy testing.

With our in-house skill set, solid experience in the food supplement market and strategic partnerships with institutes, universities and international KOLs, we are able to support food supplement research and development, with a specific focus on:

  • Quality and safety assessment of raw materials and the finished product;
  • Product performance assessment in real-life consumption;
  • Clinical trials planning and implementation to assess product efficacy, according to the EFSA guidelines;
  • Study management and selection of strategic centers;
  • Protocols drawing up and authorities submission for nutritional and health claims approval;
  • Scientific paper writing and peer review journal publishing support.