Health Connected Device study

Technology can be a powerful tool for monitoring and improving health and wellness. Always on, always connected, eHealth allows us to securely capture and share information and provide automated feedback on personal data and habits. Connected health devices can be used in several ways, namely to monitor key physiological parameters (heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure), check the quality of sleep, assess levels of physical activity and manage dietary patterns.

We integrate wearable devices to take research programmes from the clinic to the home, and maintain connections with all stakeholders involved in a clinical trial.

E-health, m-health and social media can influence delivery of care and allow individuals the opportunity to take charge of their own health and wellness. Following this trend, SPRIM ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCES designs research programmes in the field of:

  • Device usability and acceptance implementation;
  • Healthcare professional opinion collection;
  • Connected device validation in comparison with gold standard;
  • Research program support and implementation through remotely data collection from non-conventional sources: audio, video and photos.