Novel Food Study

Medical foods and baby food are diverse product categories, which are designed to meet the nutritional needs of a specific target population.

With the increase in average life expectancies and subsequent ageing populations in the world’s richest countries, there is an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases and interest in the production process of foods intended for people with specific disease. Such foods include enteral nutrition, foods specifically designed for malnutrition, oral rehydration solutions and products for the treatment of dysphagia.

Infant nutrition is another area of specialised foods. These products should have specific formulations, characterised by balanced composition and the absence of potentially dangerous compounds.

Our services support the development of products designed to the development of medical food for specific diseases of foods that meet the nutritional needs of infants, in compliance with the regulation. Explore our services:

  • Regulatory support for product classification;
  • Research and development support for specific product formulation;
  • Safety and quality test of raw materials;
  • Efficacy evaluation for medical food;
  • Innovative formulation evaluation;
  • Probiotics for infant feeding formulas design and testing.